thoughts About life and art

     The process of creating work allows for long periods of introspection to take place. This introspection is important for me because it establishes an emotional foundation and provides a place for the work to grow. I enjoy going into the areas of my life where there are gaps in our knowledge and understanding. There is an interesting obscurity that exists within the unknown and within that uncomfortable darkness that we normally don’t allow ourselves the time to explore, for fear of what we might discover.

     I am primarily interested in exploring ideas and images of uncertainty in places that exist underneath the exteriors of everyday life. I want the work to deliver an experience that is unavoidably human - something to make us think, feel and ask questions. For me, the work needs to engage the viewer in a way that will open the door to a broader range of emotional and psychological sensitivity. When I work, there is always this constant pulsation and intensity that I’m working to have reflected in the final result. I keep going until it fully presents itself on the surface and gets to the point where I cannot push it any further.

     In my work, I want to confront that place inside of myself where our fear, hate, anger, insecurity and dysfunction reside. I want to explore what might be below the surface of those things - in a place where truths can be found, regardless of how disturbing or unpleasant they may be.